Episode 53

A Look Inward


June 10th, 2020

1 hr 14 mins 17 secs

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Episode 53: #BlackLivesMatter

First and foremost, we - and I am going to speak for the both of us here - unequivocally support the Black Lives Matter movement. Over the past couple weeks, we have seen an unprecedented coming together of people from all states and backgrounds to support this singular idea, “Black Lives Matter”. The unfair targeting of black people by police in this country is a disease, and it needs to be cut out as soon as possible.

We did not release an episode last week because it simply felt wrong to chat about superficial things like Apple rumors, or video game news when there were much more important conversations being had online. The show notes contain links to a whole lot of resources to learn, and also places where you can help the movement.

Apple’s moving to ARM, Shaunak wants a creative mode in Animal Crossing, and there's now a fantastic official Last of Us Podcast.

EA and the NFL extend exclusive partnership for Madden games until 2026

Apple will announce move to ARM-based Macs later this month, says report

Steve Jobs Video:

Introducing “The Official The Last of Us” Podcast Series

Rumour: Animal Crossing: New Horizons Has Reportedly Been Downloaded More Than 10 Million Times

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