Episode 32

#37 – Sorry for the Delay


January 17th, 2020

1 hr 25 secs

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Episode 37: Sorry for the Delay

Just a quick PSA- Shaunak and Eric have made the difficult decision to postpone this episode because they felt it needs more polish .... jk, but they do talk about all the delays that are hitting some of the years most anticipated games. They also react to the report that the new Xbox won't have any exclusives. The guys predict when we might lay eyes on the PS5. Of course, there is discussion about Nintendo, and the 2 Directs that occurred in the last few weeks. The customary Switch feature wish-casting is also present. Also- This episode has Spoilers for the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover on the CW, if you care about that show.


Sony Skips E3

No Xbox Series X Exclusives???

Games are getting delayed

Cyberpunk Delayed

New Assassins Creed?

Morbius Trailer

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